Who wears these posh suits?

The Studio

The Dressed Monkeys were founded 2012 as a Game Studio in Cologne and have been developing a mid-core gaming concept, which will cause furor, neo-patriotism and grim neighborhood brawls in the future.

The Team

The founder team consists of hyper-experienced marketing and agency veterans. It supports a new generation of designers, who scrutinized the so called free-2-play standards already during their early appearance period and set sails out to a new and pioneering course.

We develop the title "Asskick Heroes" with a detail loving and artistic craftsmanship manner, the figurehead of the next generation mid-core social games.

Thereby the Dressed Monkeys follow their only dictum: Fair-to-Play.

100% Fair-To-Play
Our motivation

Who gave you this name?

Wikipedia entry

The domesticated monkey in a suit symbolizes two parts (Yin and Yang): on the one hand the animalistic, drive- and playful part of our genetic inheritance, on the other hand the disciplined, reliable and rational part of the modern cultivated human being.

Myth of the origin

During a drive with the London airport bus from Heathrow to Soho in the year 2010 the founder team tried to explain five Italian exchange students the significance of good old Germany office work: "We`re sitting like dressed monkeys in front of a PC, listening to Radio Wozyy and pressing the keys and mices from time to time, while we`re developing digital surfaces ..."

This job description seemed to be sexy from our point of view, but was left without any noteworthy "likes". Anyway, this encounter became one of these unexpected, magical moments you rarely experience in your life…

Become a Dressed Monkey: this way!

Server Architect (m/f)

Are you totally into developing complex, scalable server architectures via Amazon S3 & EC2 in combination with MYSQL and REDIS data bases or even better: Stateful Server Concept (Erlang OTP)?

Flex Developer (m/f)

You wanna show the whole world what rich media REALLY means and your flex builder is still shiny like an oiled baby head?

Beta Tester (m/f)

Do you like putting sticks into other peoples´ spokes or are you planning an attack with a super soaker command in the tube next summer?
Apply for one of the rare beta keys that will be delivered immediately after our intense unit testing.

Investor (m/f)

You want to triple your stakes? No problem, just push this button: Bond issues for boarders.

Team awards

Marcus Buller - Art Director

Color Tempest - Turnover of one quadrillion pixel per hour.
Rock`n Rolla - Common visit with virtual charakters at Kraftclub concert.

Verena Dinslaken - Game Designer

Flaming Katy - One paragraph contains over 50 bloomer.
Guitar Hero - More keystrokes per second, than "Yngwie Malmsteen" tabs "Arpeggios From Hell".

Marcin Jakubowski - Head of Development

Golden Rider - Raising the team velocity while 10 Sprints in a row.
Code Orakel - Development of Unit-Test for non existing scenarios.

Alexander Johne - Managing Director

Slide-Rule - Five excel charts over five MB facts and figures.
SM-Spam - Punishment of "so-called" Facebook friends by spam notification.