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RPG, Action, Strategy Social
Alpha – Version


4 Clans
Special Attacks / Action Combos
Location Based Ranking
Device Independent (Transplatform / Infinite Gaming)

  • Without Pay-To-Win
  • Without Pay-To-Continue
  • Without Funpain
  • Without Friendship Selling

Your plan: World domination!

It's the year 2016.

Dr. Barot finally "managed it": The whole planet was overrun by the long expected zombie apocalypse. But the end has not come yet! Four clans (Zombies, Vampires, Pirates and Ninjas) still quarrel about world domination.

Hook up with one of the clans and fight against the rest of the world. Gather points for you and your clan at the same time. Help out to usurp the territorial hegemony (weekly outcome) by winning the most points in duels against enemy clan members. The rulers obtain parade, party and palaces. Or... something like that! In any case they will earn all bonuses a territory outputs over a week.

  • Zombies
  • Pirates
  • Vampires
  • Ninja

Find and express your true identity due your newly aquired
existence. Be what you always wanted to be:
A scroffy zombie, a snobbish vampire,
a staggering pirate or dead serious ninja!

Next please!

Battle & Techniques

Due to asynchronous gameplay it's possible for you to defy your enemies in your own pace or accept hostile challenges!

Decide for yourself with which kind of strategy you will face your opponent beforehand and which skills and attributes you prefer to emphasize. Every class comes with its´own specified techniques. The better you master them, the harder they tuck in!

Story & Characters

Meet the crazy survivors of the apocalypse and support the clan leaders with the fight for world domination! Since hard times like these never run out of problems.

The clans´ protagonists will accompany you into the frenzy and are already eager to get to know you. Well... *cough* at least some of them!

Waaaah! Unbelievable! Think about it, this can´t be happening. Someone invaded my brain supplies last night and devoured large amounts without even paying afterwards. The lout caused so much damage, I had to chuck out a lot of other brains as well. When I will get ahold Arnold, he will get the shock of his life...

Competing Together

Super Social Real Gaming: Family, friends, new pals & people, pound your mother-in-law. Trade and make gifts, beg or swank around with plunder!

Transform via bites and educate a ninja or pirate. No one is bound to stay alone and cry!

Play whenever you like, the way you like

You can play Asskick Heroes via your browser, your smartphone or on your couch with a tablet. Get it for free at the iTunes store, Google Play or simply Facebook.

Respond spontaneously to an enemy challenge while being on your way or puzzle hours about your strategies at home to win together with your clan and ensure yourselves the weekly bonus.