What`s pushing us?

The motif

We joined together to change long lasting the rules of the social gaming business.

The Dressed Monkeys team looks back on more than 20 years of culture imprint due to digital games. We cannot deny: We are helpless against our game genetics and want to play the way we learned it: Dicing at the table, with burned fingers at the game console or glowing eyes in front of the PC screen.

For this we need worlds that offer us challenges to improve our skills and make meaningful decisions. We need plausible and interesting characters who interweave their story through the game like a red line. We want to collect, craft and grind to celebrate epic achievements during the battle against the rest of the world.

The actual social gaming environment does not offer a lot of these opportunities. Titles similar to Farmville&others are comparable to a rollercoaster that only drives straight ahead on one level and stops regularly so that someone can press an advertisement shield into your face: playing fun and immersion are lost on the tracks. Instead say hello to discount pop-ups, friendship selling and pay-to-continue!

These providers fabricated a lost generation of gamers and injure the entire free-to-play segment. Titles with this label are already rejected instinctively by a huge amount of players. Even people starting with social games started to evolve and abandoned their old gods: Last year industry leader ZYNGA`s average revenue per user dropped down about 60%.

The Dressed Monkeys abstain of negatively associated revenue strategies in favor of alternative virtual goods and brand new direct marketing opportunities to get the harshly spotted free-to-play vest clean again.